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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

    – Milind Jagtap

Minakshi Khairnar

Vaibhavi Sonavane

I was suffering from Asthma since 15yrs and was using Inhalers frequently which caused side effects like headache. Doctors suggested me to consider other medicines like homoeopathic medicines and fortunately I met Dr. Khyati Mandge (B.H.M.S.). She started my treatment after getting knowledge of my past history on Asthma and totally cured me in two years. I have discontinued inhaler after one year of starting her treatment. In another year she gradually stopped homoeopathic medicine. It has been five years since I haven’t had any symptoms of Asthma. This positive progress is only because of Dr Khyati. She is our Family doctor for years. For mild Flue, cough, sore throat, we often consult her and get better in 2-3 days with her treatment. It is to be noted that it takes long duration to recover from disease like Asthma and skin so patience and trust is required for positive effects. I am fortunate to have Dr. Khyati to guide me. I strongly recommend to meet her once.                            

I came in contact with Dr. Khyati through a friend. I had lost my sense of smell and taste as a side effect of Steroids, after 6month treatment with Homoeopathic medicine my sense of smell and taste started coming back. Though I still have issues during change of weather or when I have cold but I felt immense relief as is my life came back when my sense of smell and taste returned. I am taking treatment for last one year. We like Homoeopathy and Dr. Khyati so much that my whole family is now her patient. 

I consulted Dr. Khyati because I had developed allergies from my house cat. I had a consultation with her on phone. She was very attentive to the smallest details I mentioned about my symptoms. After the consultation she prescribed me medicines and explained me the treatment in detail. She answered all my queries. She also followed up with me over the course of treatment and altered the medications based on my condition. My allergies were reduced in the first week of treatment and after 15 days I had very few allergic reactions. 

I would definitely recommend Dr. Khyati.

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